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Since established in 1995, inDesign & Build focused, under the direction of KT Law, in the premium bungalow projects. KT Law graduated from the University Of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. With the enthusiasm in lifestyle bungalows, he has made The In design & Build Sdn Bhd a specialist of signature bungalows after completing numerous bungalow projects under the brand name of inBungalow.



We are one of the only firms in Malaysia which specialises in single type of project namely bungalow project. With our over 20 years experience both in the bungalow’s design and construction, we endeavour to help our clients realize their aspiration right from conception to completion and handing-over of the project.

Cost Effective Design

We help you take care of existing contour, efficient planning of space etc. so that the final design is cost effective.

Careful Selection of Materials

With our years of experience and good relationship with vendors, we will be able to help you source for good, value-for-money and practical building materials.

Seamless Coordination

We ensure seamless coordination between designers and builders so that any miscommunication is minimized.

Thorough Consideration

We give thorough consideration of construction methods/feasibilities right from design stage so that all common pitfalls are sufficiently taken care of.

In order to create a stunning masterpiece, we must first observe and consider its functional values.
-- KT Law

Our Architectural Philosophies

inBungalows are products of our efforts towards creating an architecture that is relevant to modern tropical lifestyle. We believe that building and environment should be in perfect harmony physically and spiritually, therefore in our designs, we thoughtfully consider:

Feel of Space

What is the feel of space by the occupants ?


What value must be observed in order to produce beauty ?

Practical Needs

What basic practical needs the design must serve ?

Space Planning

How spaces should be planned for better human movement, higher privacy and easier furniture arrangements ?

Air Movement & Views

Where openings should be located to give maximum air movement and best view out while restricting the penetration of direct sunlight and rain water ?

Use of Daylight

How daylight should be introduced to create a pleasant atmosphere by its natural charm ?

By the careful application of the above criteria in our inBungalows, we have indirectly blended in the main principle of "Feng Shui" (風水) that "the feel of a place, good or bad, is always determined by the level of control of 'Chi'()", of which we have achieved it architecturally through control of human movement, air circulation and daylight intake.

Meanwhile, "Feng Shui" is also about achieving good balance (協調) between two elements. In the process of making your house a dream home, our design team strives to achieve balance in various aspects such as:

  • functionality vs. aesthetic
  • interior spaces vs. exterior form
  • structure vs. garden
  • light vs. heat
  • air vs. rain
  • artificial devices vs. natural climatic conditions
  • built-up area vs. construction cost

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